Friday, June 19, 2009

GERMANY - europe cept 2009

And my first stamp from germany received my mailbox yesterday twice :)
looks nice! Love such structure stamps

IRELAND - europe cept 2009

don't forget to mention and post this FDC i recently received from ireland.
the stamps are fantastic!

SLOVAKIA - europe cept 2009

got this cover the last days! Wonderful - so ancient in a way - just normal - just a stamp and a dryawing. like it!

Monday, June 8, 2009

22nd universal postal congress - 1999

The congress was in 1999 (Beijing) but i received today an official card with the special cancelation! Crazy isn't it? 10 years later and they still offer this cancelation!

FAROE ISLANDS - europe cept 2009

The last days i thought about the FDC from the Faroe Islands!
And what was waiting for me this morning in my mailbox! The absolute great FDC!
I realy love both of the stamps they look like a Fantasy picture from a Fantasy or Sci-Fi book!
Thanks to the Postoffice up there to send me this wonderful envelope!

mister papieza - polska

Saturday, June 6, 2009

SLOVENIA europe cept 2009

Received the last days from a friend on

PORTUGAL - europe cept 2009

From one of my best stamp friends in this wide world!
Thanks to Paula in Portugal who always send beautiful covers! Take also a look at her stamp/cover blog

SERBIA - europe cept 2009

Last week i received a big fat envelope! And what for a beautiful one! I ask BraveJ if she could send me the swap cards in an envelope with the new astronomy stamps and what i get? Not just the stamps! No no! She puts inside the two maxicards and the FDC! Thank you so much dear Ana!
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