Monday, December 28, 2009

JERSEY - europa cept 2009


sometimes it isn't possible to get the fdc or even a cover from a "normal" human being - one country is jersey! so i decided to order it directly at the philatelic bureau of this little island. Wonderful issue?! isn't it?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

KAZAKHSTAN - europa cept 2009

Thats my personal christmas gift =)

BELGIUM - europa cept 2009

What a great surprise from Astrid who sent me this RAS card from her trip to Belgium! Absolut fantastic!

Sujet : le timbre EUROPA à l’occasion de l’Année internationale de l’Astronomie.
400 ans de la première observation astronomique par Galileo Galilei
Création : Thierry Mordant
Valeur : 1 ou ou 0,90 €
Format : timbre : 48,75 mm x 38,15 mm
feuillet : 125 mm x 90 mm

UNITED KINGDOM - europa cept 2009

A big big thanks to Mia in Gwynedd who send me this UK stamp.
Date of issue: 08.10.2009

GREECE - europa cept 2009

And another country issue for this year! So great! Thank you thousends tp sofia_art in Greece to send me those two issues on an envelope!

Monday, December 7, 2009

CYPRUS - europa cept 2009

Last week i received a very rare country (in my collections) from a kind official postcrosser whom i sent an official in the late october! Thank you so much - papermoon!

NORWAY - europa cept 2009

A wonderful Cover from Coverall - maybe someone could send me the hole minisheet too?
Date of issue: 12th June 2009
one souvenir-sheet (10.- & 12.- NOK)
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