Tuesday, December 8, 2009

KAZAKHSTAN - europa cept 2009

Thats my personal christmas gift =)


Euro-Phila said...

grand blog.I´m Honza (23 years old, student) from Czech republic. I´m europa/cept collector - visit my blog www.euro-phila.blogspot.com.
Bye! :-)

Euro-Phila said...

Hi Sara
You have very various and nice collection...
This year is czech date of issue 5.may 2010 (more on page http://www.cpost.cz/cz/filatelie/znamky-a-celiny/emisni-plan-id327/ ).
I´m very interested in swat this year Europa issue! I study in Brno and to Prag I not go.
Pls write me at the email address regula.jan@gmail.com.

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