Sunday, June 26, 2011

GREECE - 2011

lovely dimitris from greece (komotini) sent me this beautiful FDC from Greece.
On each stamp there is a shiny dark green leaf! 
A nice Issue! 

Looking forward to met him again in Septembe, when we have a Meeting in Vaduz!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


She's is unbelievable! I can remember when i had a message on facebook: "pls send me your address - i'm at my office and will go to post office afterwards, you have time till 16.00h" haha, dear paula! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

not only the FDC with three different stamps (portugal, madeira, açores) - nono she also added all three souvenir sheets! how can i say thank you? really! you are all so...!

Portugal Continente
Every Year i'm imperessed about the Portugal Issues! Every Year three mini Souvenir Sheets. And always very well designed! Look at those sheets! They fit perfectly the Theme with the 3 Locations Madeira, Açores and Continental Portugal! Perfect!

Thanks again to paula!

Friday, June 24, 2011

IRELAND - 2011

This Cover was sent by paola from Ireland.

On May 5, 2011, An Post issued two stamps for the annual Europa series.

The common subject chosen by PostEurop (European Post Offices) for 2011 was forests, with each country designing stamps to match this topic. For Ireland, two outstanding examples were chosen.

One stamp shows a little girl sitting under the Tulip Tree, at Knockabbey Castle and Gardens, Co Louth. These gardens date back to 1730 and in just over a decade they have been wonderfully restored to their former glory. The other stamp shows a young boy crossing the River Walk on the Avondale estate in Co. Wicklow. The estate has just over 200 hectares of forest, while the house now fully restored, was once the home of Charles Stewart Parnell.

The featured locations represent the diversity and beautiful landscapes of Irish forests, their relevance as an amenity and recreation resource and their importance for tourism.  Ireland’s forests are managed by Coillte, the Irish Forestry Board, whose purpose is to enrich lives locally, nationally and globally through the innovative and sustainable management of natural resources. Only 100 years ago Ireland's forest cover had diminished to 1% of the national land area. Through a concerted effort since then the national forest resource has been rebuilt to about 9% of the land area of the State.

The stamps and first day cover were designed by Design Factory.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

GERMANY - 2011

The German Issue reminds me more to a TV Screen than to a beautiful green lung.
Strange picture, even i'm fond a new modern design things. This one doesn't represent the Theme Forests in my eye's. 

sent from Andreea Percescu

Unfortunately the description of the stamps exists only in German.

Die Vereinten Nationen haben das Jahr 2011 zum Internationalen Jahr der Wälder erklärt. In allen 48 Mitgliedsländern der europäischen Organisation "PostEurop" wird daher eine Europa-Marke zum Thema "Wald" herausgegeben.
Die biologische, ökologische und klimatische Rolle der Wälder ist für das Leben auf der Erde von unschätzbarem Wert. Der Verlust der Wälder bedeutet auch den Verlust der biologischen Vielfalt und die Veränderung des Klimas.
Seit Urgedenken nutzen auch die Menschen die Wälder. Die Rodung der Wälder bei nicht gleichzeitiger Aufforstung haben bereits früheren Kulturen derart geschadet, dass sie nicht mehr existent sind. Doch der Mensch hat anscheinend daraus nicht viel gelernt: die rücksichtslose Rodung der Wälder im tropischen Regenwald, das rigorose Fällen von uraltem und nicht schnell ersetzbarem Baumbestand haben bereits zu merklichen Veränderungen der Flora, Fauna und auch des Klimas geführt. Deswegen gehört die Erhaltung, die Aufforstung von Wäldern zu einer der größten globalen Aufgaben. Auch die Erhaltung des Klimas ist für den Baumbestand von allergrößter Bedeutung: Bäume können nur dort wachsen, wo es im Verlauf eines Jahres längere Zeit über 5° C ist, ansonsten kann die Produktion des Holzstoffes, die Lignin-Synthese nicht mehr funktionieren.
Auch in Deutschland hat sich der Waldbestand enorm verkleinert. So ist nur noch ungefähr ein Drittel der Fläche mit Wald bedeckt. Den Wald weltweit zu schützen und aufzuforsten bedeutet, vor der eigenen Haustüre, im eigenen Land anzufangen.
 They reffer to the temperature of a Forets should have. Trees can just grow in areas with over 5°C (for any lenght of time) - so i guess the stamps shows a  heath image of a forest in Germany.
This stamp is on a Meeting Card i received from dollart, isagv and weltenbummler! Thank you very much!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

UKRAINE - 2010

Last Week i got this faboulous stamps on a monthly card!

Does someone else having problems with the image uploader from blogger in this moment?
So sad as i wanted to show you the amazing stamps kukmarishka used on the monthly RR card she sent me! 
Realted to this Post: BUT with the edges from the sheet... beautiful! As soon as it is possible i'll add the image!

Monday, June 20, 2011

FRANCE - 2011

France, my alltime favourite holiday destination!

A Cover from Nonore!
 Single stamp on a Monthly RR Card i received.
 Andorra Stamp, unfortunately mint. Who knows maybe i'm able to visit Andorra this Summer. We take a Roadtrip through France (Where else?) and drive to the North of Spain. Our Goal is at least Biarritz and Bilbao.

This Cover is a Chain Cover - sent from Switzerland to Slovenia -> Thailand -> France and Back to me!

DENMARK - 2011

Right now i'm really upset... well i've bought a new macbook pro - after a break from 4 years (had to use a lenovo tablet for my research coding work). You think no problem, it's a mac... ha, well maybe it isn't the fault of apple at all. i myself think it's the problem from canon. Damn it. My Scanner (Canon 8800F) don't work with the new device! OMG! 
How should i survive? It's so annyoing scanning the stuff within the mac enviroment - and for me the most worst part is that it didn't work with the picasa import interface at all. That was so practical... 

Well, thats not an excuse to not post earlier! I know i know!

But let's start with a great cover - covers from DENMARK!

Suzan ( sent me this envelope
First i thought - ooo what a pitty to use such a strange envelope, but after all if ound this one in it:

At the same day i got a huge purple envelope from laura! she's the best! Full of new covers for my collection! One Cover in it was this one:
So now i have all! A single one, the FDC, and both stamps on a cover used.

I'm really impressed by all the kindness you send me via covers and cards and presents and and and. how can i thank you all? You're all so amazing!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

RUSSIA - 2011

The 2nd one i would like to show you is this Year Russian Issue...
It's so interesting to see all those different issues this Year. How every Country interpret this Theme on another Way. 

This one is right interesting as it is a se-tenant motif but at the same time every single stamp shows the same crop. Got it? it's amazing and i just relized it, when i put the image in the edit window... 

unfortunately there doesn't exist an english translation for the stamp at the russian postal site... so no further infos ybout this stamp.
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