Thursday, November 11, 2010


This card was sent for the Switzerland to the rest of the world tag - look at my other Blog

issue date: 9th of may 2007
11 Kc - multi-color - used
This year the worldwide scouting movement celebrates the 100th anniversary of its foundation. The Association of Public European Postal Operators, PostEurop, declared scouting as the common theme of the 2007 EUROPA issue.
This worldwide education movement was founded in 1907 by the Englishman, Sir Robert Baden-Powell. In the background printing of his book Scouting for Boys he wrote that scouting is education of a good citizen by way of forest wisdom. Scouting met with a tremendous enthusiasm not only in boys but also in girls, and spread rapidly throughout the world. The first Czech scout boy club was set up in 1911 by Professor A. B. Svojsík. The first girl club of the Czech scout movement Junák was set up in 1915 by PhDr. A. Berkovcová. The golden age of the scout movement came after the establishment of the Czechoslovak Republic. It enjoyed a great respect and became a school for numerous personalities, such as J. Wolker, A. Rašín, the academic professor J. Charvát, etc. In 1948 the scouting movement was by force integrated into the Czech Youth Association and after two years liquidated. The Czech scouting movement preserved numerous traditional elements, such as the way of camping, a close relationship to the wildlife, romance, serving the neighbours, traditional uniforms. A completely original element, typical for the Czech scouts, is the tent with a wooden substructure invented at a camp led by J. Pulkrábek in 1913. from

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

BULGARIA - europa cept 2007

The Europa stamp was used on a postcard i received back in 2007.

issue date: 26th of April 2007
0.55 L - multi-color - used

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

RUSSIA - europa cept 2002 & 2004

left: Date of issue: 05.05.2004 - holidays
middle: Date of issue: 09.05.2002 - the Circus

Monday, November 8, 2010

UNITED KINGDOM - europa cept 2010

Date of Issue: 12.10.2010

FDC posted in a Royal Mail plastic Envelope.
Souvenir Sheet (EUROPA stamp: upper left)

one stamp (1st class value GBP) out of a set of six (!) stamps (only this stamp is bearing the official Europa logo) and one souvenir-sheet of four stamps (only the 1st class value GBP is bearing the official Europa logo)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

DENMARK - europa cept 2010

Date of issue: 01.06.2010
The right one: The stamp feature a motif from Storm P’s book “Spørge –Jørgen” (Asking-Jørgen).
The left one: The stamp feature a motif from Ole Lund Kirkegaard’s book “Orla Frøsnapper” (Orla Frog-eater).

The first one i received wren't postmarked at all - what a shame/blame :( And then last week i received a cover from a travelling RR - what a surprise! Thank you Gforp and Christina!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

IRELAND - europa cept 2010

In October there was a meeting in Ireland / Dublin from the postcrossing Users. pHabietto (Fabio) from Italy was thinking to the little girl in Switzerland and sent me a wonderful card with both issued stamps from this year! Yeah! Thank you!

The right one:
Illustrated by PJ Lynch this stamp is based on Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift. Originally published in 1726, Gulliver’s Travels tells the narrative of Lemuel Gulliver, a surgeon, who takes to the sea and journeys into several remote nations of the World, the adventures are told by Gulliver after his return home. The book is divided into four parts, each about a different place. Gulliver tells of things being disproportionately small in some lands and oversized in other lands.
The left one: This stamp also illustrated by PJ Lynch is based on The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde which was first published in 1888. This book tells the tale of a golden statue of a prince, who befriends a migrating swallow. The prince is saddened by the poverty and pain his citizens experience daily. He enlists the help of the swallow and together they bring happiness to others, in life, as well as in death.

Date of issue: 06.05.2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010

1956 - the first year

issue date: 15th september 1956
2FR - green - used
not in the collection: 4FR - purple

issue date: 15th of september 2010
10C - brownred/black - used
not in the collection: 20C - lightblue/black

issue date: 15th of september 1956
10PF - blackgreen - used/mint
40PF - darkblue - mint

issue date: 15th of september 1956
15FR - rose/brownkarmin - used
not in the collection: 30FR - cobalt/purpleblue

date of issue: 15th of september 1956
25L - darkgreen - used
60L - darkblue - used
MISSING LIST 1956 (6/13)
Belgium: 4FR - purple
France: 30FR - cobalt/purpleblue
Luxenbourg: 2FR - brown/black; 3FR - lightbrown/red; 4FR - greenblue/blackblue
Netherlands: 25C lightblue/black

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

CROATIA - europa 2010

I love the cover which was sent by pierresurleciel last week!
We didn't hear from each other more than a year now - so sad. But at least we found us again!
She sent me this beautiful and RARE stamps on a normal Cover.

The stamps shows a generic picture about a book and some fairies. Quite nice i think :)

Cover was sent on 06.10.2010

Date of Issue: 06.05.2010
Author’s idea of a children book: open book with characters from the children’s stories coming out.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NETHERLANDS - cept 1959

Its time to scan and publish my entire Europa CEPT / POSTEUROP collection! I have a lot of used stamps from the first years. Try to publish all the stamps i have... 

EUROPA CEPT issue: 1959

printed: 1980
received: 2009

Sunday, October 10, 2010

SWITZERLAND - cept 1959

It is the Year of Birth from my father. 1959. The Swiss Issue date was on the 22nd June. The Date of Birth from my father is the 19th of June.
He collected Stamps since he was a young boy - mainly Austrian Stamps cause my former family is from Klagenfurt, located in the south part - nearby the Slovenian boarder.  Nowadays he's just buying the First Day issues. Blocks of 4, with the First Day cancellations on it.
Well back to my Europa Collection which was founded by him ;)

The FDC wasn't posted which is a blame - i know they don't have the same value (for me, personally). But i have at least one - that counts, or? 

For more history informations - please visit the blog from Mister Europa Stamps himself: 
or the CEPT History Part I - the early years

Monday, June 28, 2010

GREECE - europa 2010

Last Week i received a surprise envelope from lovely dimitros who lives in Greece. He brought also the 2009 issue to our Meeting in Zürich last February - and now this amazing surprise! Thank you so much!

EUROPA Library - Country View

Date of issue: 26.05.2010


Free compositions with subject “children’s book”.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

RUSSIA - europa 2010

And the last one for today.
Will promise i have quite a huge bunch of FDC, stamps and amazing stories from this year issues in Europa!
Portugal, Azores, Austria, San Marino, Italia and a lot more Countries.
See you!

Date of issue: 05.05.2010

Stamp depicts the boy with a book of fairy tales

GERMANY - europa 2010

The 2nd one showing today is the German Issue.

Date of issue: 06.05.2010

The stamp depicts a pile of books together with a reading teddy bear: In the imagination of a child a toy has come alive and acts in a way, a child could wish: It reads from a book – a children´s book, a book of fairy-tales.

TURKEY - europa 2010

I know, i know i'm so late in writing my blogposts.
Received a big bunch of envelopes and cards with europa stamps on it!

Thefirst one i would like to show today is the TURKISH ISSUE!
Send by pinuccia from the first meeting in Turkey! Thank you so much!

Date of issue: 09.05.2010

Various children books famous in Turkey

Sunday, May 16, 2010

HUNGARY - europa 2010

sadtuna (tamas) sent me an email on beginning may, asking if i'm intersted in the new issue? hello?! how great is that?
He sent me the hole souvenir sheet on a first day cover.
As he forget to send the mint one inside, he posted another envelope. This wasn't necessary- but i don't say no! Hope you like my return envelope! Thank you very much! (

Date of issue: 07.05.2010

Magyar Posta’s stamps feature a few of the storybook illustrations of the Hungarian Kossuth Prize winning graphic designer Károly Reich (1922-88).
The designs of the stamps, the border and the first day cover capture a few incidents from the story of a little bear much loved by Hungarian readers, Vackor. (All the drawings appeared as illustrations in the children’s book by István Kormos, The Tales of Vackor.)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Europe CEPT common theme list

  • 1974 Sculptures
  • 1975 Paintings
  • 1976 Handicrafts
  • 1977 Landscapes
  • 1978 Monuments
  • 1979 Post & Telecommunications
  • 1980 Famous People
  • 1981 Folklore
  • 1982 Historic Events
  • 1983 Inventions
  • 1984 Common Design. 25th Anniversary of CEPT
  • 1985 European Music Year
  • 1986 Nature conservation
  • 1987 Modern architectur
  • 1988 Transportation and communications
  • 1989 Children's games
  • 1990 Post offices
  • 1991 European aerospace
  • 1992 Voyages of discovery in America
  • 1993 Contemporary art
  • 1994 Great discoveries
  • 1995 Peace and freedom
  • 1996 Famous women
  • 1997 Tales and legends
  • 1998 Festivals and National Celebrations
  • 1999 Nature reserves and parks
  • 2000 Common Design. Tower of 6 stars
  • 2001 Water, treasure of nature
  • 2002 The Circus
  • 2003 Poster art
  • 2004 Holidays
  • 2005 Gastronomy
  • 2006 Integration through the eyes of Young People
  • 2007 Scout Centenary
  • 2008 Writing Letters
  • 2009 Astronomy
  • 2010 Children Books

FRANCE - europa cept 2010

In the second Post this evening i would like to show you the envelope which was sent from France (with the Monaco issue in it! -> look here
Not the best stamp ever from France (i mean: the last year issue was definitive more spectacular) BUT i love evry single stamp and envelope which make their way to my mailbox. Merci Beaucoup a Jerome et Emma pour les deux choses manifique!

Date of issue: 09.05.2010
Dora, the young girl sitting on a pile of books, absorbed in her reading, shows us the great concentration of a child reading a book, and at the same time evokes the importance of editorial production for the youth. In the background, the illustrations remind us of some stories from our childhood, such as Cinderella, the Beauty and the Beast, la chèvre de Monsieur Seguin. The contrast between a "realistic" technique (the young girl) and more "illustrative" (the fairy-tales) allows us to make a link between the real and the imaginary...

MONACO - europa cept 2010

during the last week i received several first day cover, stamps fixed on postcards and cover, elated to the europa issue this year.
 Jerome and his daughter Emma were so kind to send me the Monaco issue fixed on a card (see above) - Bécassine et son autoportrait.
I'm absolutely amazed about this kind gesture! As i don't collect mint stamps i deliberate whether i send the card to the Monaco philately office... just for the stamp? what do you think of it?

Date of issue: 05.05.2010

This stamp represents a child reading a book, and emphasises the educational aspect of books that enable children to learn and understand the world.

Date of issue: 05.05.2010

The stamp depicts several children discovering the fun aspect of books. The book appears as a common symbol to all the children in the world.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

CZECH REPUBLIC - europa cept 2010

On beginning week i wrote a message to honze - which i know via ( If he could remember me... the FDC are here, he may send me his address, so i can send it to czech republic. The other day, his FDC was in my mailbox. And i'm still curious from where he had my address? from the blog itself? maybe... what i'd like to say is: YOU'RE THE BEST JAN! thank you so much! the fdc from switzerland is on its way to you aswell!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

FINLAND - europe cept 2010

The 2nd First day Cover today is from Liisa in Finland! Thank you so much for sending it!

Date of issue: 04.05.2010

Leena Lumme has illustrated Finland’s two gummed €0.80 stamps, which will be issued as a se tenant pair. The stamps depict a door of the “library” with children´s eyes, a storyteller in the library and 100th anniversary of the Finnish Library Association

UKRAINE - europe cept 2010

The Europa Stamp season has just started! Yippee! The first one comes from Ukraine. Lovely mindanao sent me this beautiful envelope with two mint stamps in it! Thank you so much!

SWITZERLAND - europa cept 2010

in honour to my father - I'm sending him once every year something. what else than the FDC from the Europa stamp? I love my dad you have to know I'm a only child - so my dad is everything for me. And he was it who fixed me with collecting stamps. He began when he was 6 years old. 46 years ago. I think I had my first stamp as I didn't eat everything which comes into my hands. in the meantime i'm the collector - he doesn't have the time and just buy those new issues in the 4er block (don't know the word in English). Hope he will have a smile when he gets it!

GREENLAND - europa cept 2010

received trwo months ago, directly from the philatelic bureau in tasiilaq, greenland. I write always: please post them directly, without any other envelope - but the most offices don't understand my english :) so sad. i LIKE them written and stamped and used. dirty... rrrr
Anyway, i like every single bit of stamps and envelopes!

GREENLAND - europa cept 2009

Just yesterday i had this clean and very simple, but with an unbelievable value for my collection, cover in my mailbox. 
sent by a swiss guy who's living in canada...
thank you so much tristan!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

BELGIUM - europa cept 2010

lovely paul from the netherlands sent me this fabolous FDC from Belgium! Yippieh! thank you so much!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

BELARUS - europa cept 2007

Just the other days i received this cover from a postcrossing friend via an europa cept Round Robin in the stamp section from
I just realized that i haven't got any / ANY! cover from Belarus already in this blog!

FRANCE - europa cept 2009

This envelope just received my mailbox the other days! WOW! What a wonderful surprise from jerome and Emma! Please visit their wonderful blog:
Some couple of weeks before i already received a single stamp of this issue

But to be honest, the minisheet can't top anyone! thank you so much, dear jerome and emma for this fantastic cover you've sent me!

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