Sunday, October 10, 2010

SWITZERLAND - cept 1959

It is the Year of Birth from my father. 1959. The Swiss Issue date was on the 22nd June. The Date of Birth from my father is the 19th of June.
He collected Stamps since he was a young boy - mainly Austrian Stamps cause my former family is from Klagenfurt, located in the south part - nearby the Slovenian boarder.  Nowadays he's just buying the First Day issues. Blocks of 4, with the First Day cancellations on it.
Well back to my Europa Collection which was founded by him ;)

The FDC wasn't posted which is a blame - i know they don't have the same value (for me, personally). But i have at least one - that counts, or? 

For more history informations - please visit the blog from Mister Europa Stamps himself: 
or the CEPT History Part I - the early years

1 comment:

euroswiss said...

Is it me Mr. Europa stamps ?

What an honour ! :o)

did you vote on my blog for the best Europa stamp of the year ?

Grüsse aus Genf !

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