Sunday, May 16, 2010

HUNGARY - europa 2010

sadtuna (tamas) sent me an email on beginning may, asking if i'm intersted in the new issue? hello?! how great is that?
He sent me the hole souvenir sheet on a first day cover.
As he forget to send the mint one inside, he posted another envelope. This wasn't necessary- but i don't say no! Hope you like my return envelope! Thank you very much! (

Date of issue: 07.05.2010

Magyar Posta’s stamps feature a few of the storybook illustrations of the Hungarian Kossuth Prize winning graphic designer Károly Reich (1922-88).
The designs of the stamps, the border and the first day cover capture a few incidents from the story of a little bear much loved by Hungarian readers, Vackor. (All the drawings appeared as illustrations in the children’s book by István Kormos, The Tales of Vackor.)

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primoz said...

Hi, I offer you cover + mint stamps of EUROPA 2010 from Slovenia. In exchange I want the same from Switzeland. I am topical stamp colector (famous women)and your stamp is of my topic (Johana Spiry), see my website:
Regards Primoz

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