Saturday, May 15, 2010

MONACO - europa cept 2010

during the last week i received several first day cover, stamps fixed on postcards and cover, elated to the europa issue this year.
 Jerome and his daughter Emma were so kind to send me the Monaco issue fixed on a card (see above) - Bécassine et son autoportrait.
I'm absolutely amazed about this kind gesture! As i don't collect mint stamps i deliberate whether i send the card to the Monaco philately office... just for the stamp? what do you think of it?

Date of issue: 05.05.2010

This stamp represents a child reading a book, and emphasises the educational aspect of books that enable children to learn and understand the world.

Date of issue: 05.05.2010

The stamp depicts several children discovering the fun aspect of books. The book appears as a common symbol to all the children in the world.

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