Thursday, October 14, 2010

1956 - the first year

issue date: 15th september 1956
2FR - green - used
not in the collection: 4FR - purple

issue date: 15th of september 2010
10C - brownred/black - used
not in the collection: 20C - lightblue/black

issue date: 15th of september 1956
10PF - blackgreen - used/mint
40PF - darkblue - mint

issue date: 15th of september 1956
15FR - rose/brownkarmin - used
not in the collection: 30FR - cobalt/purpleblue

date of issue: 15th of september 1956
25L - darkgreen - used
60L - darkblue - used
MISSING LIST 1956 (6/13)
Belgium: 4FR - purple
France: 30FR - cobalt/purpleblue
Luxenbourg: 2FR - brown/black; 3FR - lightbrown/red; 4FR - greenblue/blackblue
Netherlands: 25C lightblue/black

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

CROATIA - europa 2010

I love the cover which was sent by pierresurleciel last week!
We didn't hear from each other more than a year now - so sad. But at least we found us again!
She sent me this beautiful and RARE stamps on a normal Cover.

The stamps shows a generic picture about a book and some fairies. Quite nice i think :)

Cover was sent on 06.10.2010

Date of Issue: 06.05.2010
Author’s idea of a children book: open book with characters from the children’s stories coming out.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NETHERLANDS - cept 1959

Its time to scan and publish my entire Europa CEPT / POSTEUROP collection! I have a lot of used stamps from the first years. Try to publish all the stamps i have... 

EUROPA CEPT issue: 1959

printed: 1980
received: 2009

Sunday, October 10, 2010

SWITZERLAND - cept 1959

It is the Year of Birth from my father. 1959. The Swiss Issue date was on the 22nd June. The Date of Birth from my father is the 19th of June.
He collected Stamps since he was a young boy - mainly Austrian Stamps cause my former family is from Klagenfurt, located in the south part - nearby the Slovenian boarder.  Nowadays he's just buying the First Day issues. Blocks of 4, with the First Day cancellations on it.
Well back to my Europa Collection which was founded by him ;)

The FDC wasn't posted which is a blame - i know they don't have the same value (for me, personally). But i have at least one - that counts, or? 

For more history informations - please visit the blog from Mister Europa Stamps himself: 
or the CEPT History Part I - the early years

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