Friday, May 3, 2013

SPAIN 2013

And a simply Cover from Spain sent from radim (original from Czech republic)
Thank you!

2013 spain cover

The stamp depicts an electric car by Spanish company Comarth, with 300 kilograms of cargo, maximum speed of 50 kilometres and a range of up to 100 kilometres. --> more Informations:

Thursday, May 2, 2013


The tiny State liechtenstein has one of the most excellent Philately grasp.
But to be honest: WTF? i really don't like this Years issue... the Idea is excellent but the realisation is not my cup of tea. I do think i'm not alone with this Opinion.

2013 liechtenstein mc

2013 liechtenstein fdc

Abstract from
For this year’s issue, as for many before, the proven approach of collaborating with the Liechtenstein School of Art was adopted. Within the preliminary course there a competition was announced at the end of which the winner was a worthy young designer, Mirjam Büchel (born 1992) from Schellenberg. With her winning entry “Vehicle Wheels” (face value CHF 1.40) she seeks to express through a contemporary design that, contrary to the widely held opinion, among young people there is nothing old-fashioned about writing letters. The stamp depicts a wheel composed of three different wheels, each of which belongs to a quite distinct era of postal transport. The upper and lower yellow wheel section belongs to a carriage wheel; after this comes the blue wheel of a bicycle, while the middle section is formed by a vehicle wheel depicted in different shades of red. The three types of wheel are not separate, producing instead – according to the young artist – a single entity intended to show that the post has been a continuing presence across the generations. The stamp’s face design is in the three national colours blue, red and yellow, which at the same time are also the colours of Liechtensteinische Post AG. Furthermore, interposed with the “postal-vehicle” wheel thus formed is an artistically suggested mountain silhouette depicting the mountain chain which characterises the actual geographical appearance of Liechtenstein. In this way the bond between the Post and the Principality of Liechtenstein is symbolised and the artist highlights just how omnipresent in this country the Post is.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


At last the Netherlands publishes an Europa Stamp again!
No Question for Paul to send out some FDCs!
Thank you!

2013 netherlands fdc

The stamp sheet Dutch Mail Vans for Europe Stamps 2013 consists of 5 x 2 stamps with the non-value indicator “Europa 1”. Each stamp features four mail vans, mirrored two by two, with the Priority logo in the margin to the left of the stamp. From left to right, the vans shown are increasingly older. The changing corporate identity colours of the vans come back in the colours of the texts at the top of the stamp sheet. The PostEurop logo is at the top left on each stamp.

A black bar runs across the middle of each stamp all the way to the edge of the sheet, underneath the Priority logo. The tyres of the mail vans touch the bar; it is as if the bar is the road the vans are driving on. “NEDERLAND 2013” is printed on the bar in the same font used on one of the older vans. The other texts are set in Univers. The driving direction of the vans is towards the edge of the sheet.
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