Monday, June 20, 2011

DENMARK - 2011

Right now i'm really upset... well i've bought a new macbook pro - after a break from 4 years (had to use a lenovo tablet for my research coding work). You think no problem, it's a mac... ha, well maybe it isn't the fault of apple at all. i myself think it's the problem from canon. Damn it. My Scanner (Canon 8800F) don't work with the new device! OMG! 
How should i survive? It's so annyoing scanning the stuff within the mac enviroment - and for me the most worst part is that it didn't work with the picasa import interface at all. That was so practical... 

Well, thats not an excuse to not post earlier! I know i know!

But let's start with a great cover - covers from DENMARK!

Suzan ( sent me this envelope
First i thought - ooo what a pitty to use such a strange envelope, but after all if ound this one in it:

At the same day i got a huge purple envelope from laura! she's the best! Full of new covers for my collection! One Cover in it was this one:
So now i have all! A single one, the FDC, and both stamps on a cover used.

I'm really impressed by all the kindness you send me via covers and cards and presents and and and. how can i thank you all? You're all so amazing!


Michael Kallweitt said...

Your scanner should work with VueScan:

Laura said...

Sorry to hear about your computer troubles! But glad the envelope arrived :)

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