Tuesday, September 13, 2011

SWITZERLAND - cept 1964

It's been a while since my last update on this blog... I had to enjoy our last days of summer :)
Since last Sunday i'm fully in to the europa stamp fever... i catched up every little paper i've found in my boxes, sorted all by year and now i'm scanning all those pieces of art and history. The early day/years i already have online -> pheew - ten years took me one hole day for scanning - but i love this work, it's so relaxing!

Today i planned to show you my Country with Covers, Stamps and FDC's in the Year of 1964

orangered - used

cobalt - mint

cobalt - used

FDC posted - Note: No Postalcode needed for the town

a special sheetlet from expo 64

mint fdc

available for swapping - mint fdc
As you can see, the last shown cover is available for swapping. i will add more swapping goodies on a seperate Site... The Link to my flickr Account will follow, within the nxt few days! Take care and see you!

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