Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Aland - 2011

I know i know it's been a while ago - since i've updated and posted on this blog. Life isn't always easy and sometimes i really don't have the effort to scan and comment my received things - even i got a bunch of new things in my collection and i almost burst to let you all know how many dear friends i have out there! Well i try to be a good blogger. New Year,new stamps,new theme, new categories,new pledges... in German we have a quote:
alles neu macht der Mai.
There isn't existing a one to one translation but i think the english speakers use often this quote: 
May gives birth to the fruits of April’s wet labor
maxicard nr.71 - issue date: 09.05.2011

First Day Cover - Issue date: 09.05.2011

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