Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I received a few Covers recently. One big envelope i got from Laura (stamp raiders). Unfortunately i didn't marked them, so i just can say thanks a bunch to all those nice Covers you sent me! Other covers are coming from an auction i won last winter. The first i like to show you comes from Luxembourg. A FirstDayCover.

13. September 1985
2.50Fr - dark-rosa-karmin
3.50Fr - bluegreen
5Fr - türkisblue

But much more nicer the registered mail to Monsieur Holzherr, living at the Schänzlihalde and the marks on the back of the envelope! 
It arrives at the main Post (formerly the Schanzenpost) and a Day later it was in the District Postoffice, where i had a PO Box too :)

Registered Mail to Bern, posted on my Birthday - well i was still with the stars in this year :)
Interesting: 1 Day from Luxembourg to Bern - that's quite fast for this time!

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Laura said...

So glad you liked them! I will send a few more at the end of the summer :)

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